Frequently Asked Questions

1. SaaS software

Our Affiliate MLM Party Plan plugins are only modules for integrations with our MLM (SaaS) software/back office. 

SaaS is just a software model where we don't deliver physical software instead you buy a subscription to our service.

2. Credit-Pricing

Tier 1 - 30 credits/month 1-100 affiliates (30 credits cost $150)
Tier 2 - 60 credits/month 101-500 affiliates (60 credits cost $300)
Tier 3 - 90 credits/month 501-1000 affiliates (90 credits cost $450)
If you are Tier 1 with 1-100 affiliates you will spend 1 credit per day, you will need 30 credits for 1 month30 credits cost $150, thats mean your monthly cost will be $150
If you are Tier 2 with 101-500 affiliates you will spend 2 credits per day, you will need 60 credits for 1 month30 credits cost $150, thats mean your monthly cost will be $300
If you are Tier 3 with 501-1000 affiliates you will spend 3 credits per day, you will need 90 credits for 1 month30 credits cost $150, thats mean your monthly cost will be $450
If you pre-pay credits you can save a lot. 
30 credits - $150
90 credits - $405 (instead of $450) 10% 
180 credits - $720 (instead of $900) 20% 
365 credits - $1,260 (instead of $1,825) 30%
Note: If you have 60 affiliates you are Tier 1 and you spend 1 credit per day, when you get 100+ affiliates you will be switched to Tier 2 and you will spend 2 credits per day.
Pricing over 1000 affiliates:
Once you get over 1000 active affiliates, we will start to monitor your instance and determine if your setup needs a dedicated server.
Your setup will only need a dedicated server if your using up too much resources. That may happen around 1,000 active affiliates
or it could happen around 1200, 1500 or even 2500 active affiliates. We cannot predict the future consumption of resources based on your business.
Once we determine your instance is consuming too much resources, we will need to make infrastructure changes to accomodate you.
Please keep in mind, this is a very good problem to have.
1) One time setup fee of 250$
-we will need to make additional infrastructure (hosting) changes/configurations to accommodate your growth.
2) New Monthly Fee (Fixed) 750$
-You can have unlimited affiliates, there will be no additional costs for the software.
3) Hosting cost will be passed on to you and billed separately.


You balance (credits) you can check when you login in your back office under Admin Menu/System/Account Balance